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All About Spain | Architecture
The oldest works of architecture in Spain of which remains are left go back to the megalythical culture, approximately 3000 B.C. They are probably not exactly what you expect to find here. Lots of Roman monuments are conserved too, among the most important being the great aquaeduct of Segovia and the amphitheater of Merida.

Spanish Architecture
Spanish architecture refers to architecture carried out in any area in what is now modern-day Spain, and by Spanish architects worldwide. The term includes buildings within the current geographical limits of Spain before this name was given to those territories (whether they were called Hispania, Al-Andalus, or were formed of several Christian kingdoms). Due to its historical and geographical diversity, Spanish architecture has drawn from a host of influences.

Architecture of Spain | Spanish Architecture
Welcome to our brief introduction to some of the architectural highlights of Spain.

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Spanish Architecture Spanish Architecture

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